FotoVisura Pavillion, New York, 2013 (group) London, 2012 (solo)
London Festival of Photography, June 2012 (group)
Capture and Release, International Centre of Photography, New York, 2011 (group)

Slideluck Potshow, Oslo III, 2014
Photoville, NYC, September 19th, 2013
Seaven Seas Projection, United Photo Industries, Long Island, NY, August 2013
Blow Up - Primavera # 1, 2013, Spain - I am Light
London Festival of Photography 2012 - I am Light

Photo essays / Articles:
Human Rights Watch - Stateless at Sea - Report 2015
The Guardian article, December 2014
The Guardian cover G2 magazine, December 2014
Columbus Magazine, September 2014
The New Yorker, March 2014
Norwegian N magazine, Des 2013
Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, 276, 2013
High Above Magazine, Hainan Airlines, Sept 2013
Fah Thai Magazine, Bangkok Airways, Sept/Okt 2013
BBC News in Pictures , July 2013
Weather Channel, July 2013
Featureshoot, June 2013
Dagbladet Magasinet, 18th of May, 2013
VG, November 2012
Visura Magazine I am Light
Peanut Butter Thouights I am Light
Foto Visura Drifters
Dazed Digital The Moken People
Don´t Panic They Live Under Water

Awards and prizes:
London Festival of Photography Prize 2012, Multimedia
International Center Of Photography, Director’s Fellowship 2011

Band photography:
Tame Impala, Dossier

Please visit for more information on collaborators:
Project Moken
Hallum Jensen
Heart for India Foundation